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The problems of being a Whovian that plague your daily existence, plus musings on Doctor Who theories, GIFS, and anything else DW related. :] Please, feel free to submit a Doctor Who Problem, ask a question, or discuss fan theories through the ask box!
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  • I have at least sixty new Doctor Who GIFs I have to sort at some point soon…I don’t have any GIFs at all of Clara which are labeled as such! Yay for fun little weekend projects…I ought to do a GIFdump soon, too…

    any videos you guys would like me to make?

    i miss doing my little youtube videos for this blog! i already have another makeup tutorial video planned (bet you can guess for which character…) and i’m open to hear any suggestions for other projects!

    would you want to see more tutorial-type videos? more videos where i just voice thoughts on characters and plots? top 10 lists? Q&A sort of stuff?


    I have been so super busy with life and school and all sorts of other hellish and awesome and wibbly-wobbly things for the past couple of weeks, hence the general lack of posts, which makes me so sad…


    But after this weekend, expect to see much more regular content with images and theories and all sorts of fun junk!


    Bunch of new followers lately, so I figured I’d do one of those FAQ/Who Am I sort of info posts!

    (I’ll go ahead and stick it all under a cut)

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    Okay, so a lot of people are sending me a lot of messages about basically the same things, and almost all of these are Anon messages…I’m not going to answer/post every single one of them here, especially if they’re just comments that can’t really be answered or I can respond to, but I am reading everything you send and I appreciate it all majorly!


    Keep sending stuff though if you’ve got an opinion or theory or whatever. I’ll answer/post more tomorrow!

    "And I suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it, Tumblr-"

    To everyone who just started following me these past few days…

    (and y’know what, to those of you who have been following for a while too!)

    Welcome everyone!

    Alright, getting off Tumblr for the rest of the day now…

    Watching the mid-season finale live tonight on BBC America and since I don’t do the blacklist thing/not everyone tags everything anyway, I want to avoid as many spoilers as I can!

    Feel free to leave messages and such if you wanna oishgkljdhfgdk about the episode, I’ll just respond to them tomorrow/later tonight.

    But for now…

    Hey, guys:

    Did you know

    that my ask box

    is always open

    and I’d like to think I’m a friendly and fairly easy to talk to person about basically anything

    so don’t be shy about sending me a message sometime!

    "…started following this tumblelog."
…As opposed to all of you following me home from work?

Thanks for the clarification there, Tumblr.
(And welcome, everyone!)

    "…started following this tumblelog."

    …As opposed to all of you following me home from work?

    Thanks for the clarification there, Tumblr.

    (And welcome, everyone!)