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  • Oh, and in case you didn’t see this one coming, I am absolutely recording a makeup tutorial video for Clara’s flapper look in Mummy on the Orient Express.


    Amy Pond makeup tutorial here!

    Amy Pond Asylum of the Daleks (model) makeup tutorial here!

    Karen Gillan makeup tutorial here!

    Rose Tyler makeup tutorial here!

    (I want to record a standard Clara tutorial too: I actually had recorded one a while ago, though the footage was lost.)

    Happy Birthday, Billie Piper!

    And in honor of Miss Rose Tyler herself, here’s a makeup tutorial I made for Rose: great for cosplay or a somewhat bold everyday look!

    fezzesareelementarymywaywardson said: I want to go to Wiz-Con and cosplay as the Tenth Doctor, since he's my favorite. What kind of things do I need for the costume exactly? I would just like to know so I could find the cheapest kind, since I'm saving up my money!

    Awesome! Here are some pretty good Tenth Doctor cosplay reference photos from NYCC ‘12 and ‘13:


    (Body shot of a random Ten cosplay with sonic, along with my femme!Eleven)



    (Face details/hair refs of my dorky boyfriend who pulled his look together from whatever was stuffed in his closet along with a pair of drugstore generic specs. He didn’t carry a sonic or really spend a lot of time on the details, but he still got recognized as the Tenth Doctor by a lot of people and was able to pull it off without really spending anything on the getup!)

    So, basically, if you want to cosplay the least costly version of Ten, you should probably go with the pinstripe look. Even if you don’t have a pinstriped blazer or suit, you can find one at a thrift store for super cheap. The glasses and the spiked hair are all you really need to sell the look, and if you have a sonic screwdriver already or think you can make a semi-convincing one, that’s even better!

    sciencehellyeah said: Hi! Where did you get your Amy Pond wig? Im in need of a good one. Thank you so much!

    I actually bought it at a party store in Boston! I think it was called a Red Goddess Wig or something like that…it’s a lot longer than it looks in most of my pictures and videos, and it kind of curls down at the back, but I like it a lot! You can probably find similar ones at most party stores online, it’s not particularly fancy, which is nice.

    Anonymous said: Hello :-) so I really want to cosplay as Donna noble but I have no idea where to start. Help me out please?

    Most Donna cosplays I’ve seen tend to go for her standard promo shot look: brown pleather jacket, grey tunic, wide belt, dark loose jeans, hoop earrings, and undeterred confidence.


    So, the safe bet is to go with that look if you’re concerned with not being immediately recognizable as a Donna Noble cosplayer or want something “classic.”

    But if either of those things aren’t super important to you, maybe get creative and go for one of her other less common looks!

    You could try her wedding dress from The Runaway Bride, the pinstriped pantsuit from Partners in Crime, or her casual ensemble from Silence in the Library.

    If you want to go the historical route, her ’20s flapper (or slapper) dress from The Unicorn and the Wasp is especially gorgeous, and the Ancient Roman-inspired look from The Fires of Pompeii seems surprisingly easy to replicate.

    Re-watch Donna’s journeys with the Tenth Doctor; you’ll discover that she has a lot of really flattering and diverse looks to choose from which can suit a variety of cosplay budgets!

    sherlockbyday-castielbynight said: Hi! For halloween I'm basically gonna be a genderbent 11th. But I have absolutely no idea where to find a tweed jacket like his to fit my small body. Do you have any ideas?

    Actually, yeah! I cosplayed as femme!Eleven for NYCC two years ago, and this was my interpretation:


    I bought my jacket from H&M for about $30 a month or so before the convention, but due to the nature of stores like H&M, that exact jacket is not available anymore.

    But, women’s tweed blazers are really easy to find! Try the business casual sections of places like H&M or Express, or go with a thrift store.

    I’m a size 0/XS/tiniest-of-whatever-is-in-stock when it comes to clothes so I feel your concern with trying to find something that fits, but I promise you that it’s actually a lot easier than it feels like to find a small tweed blazer!

    thatgeekydoc said: That is great Who cosplay right there. Have you ever thought of trying to cosplay River Song?

    Thank you! And no, actually, I haven’t! My sister has the BEST River hair though, but sadly, she isn’t a fan of the show. :P

    s-dorine said: I think I saw you at SLCC

    Nope, wasn’t me! I was at NYCC as Femme!Eleven two years ago, and I went last year to NYCC as Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo, alongside this loserface cute Tenth Doctor.

    donutjudgemig said: hello! where did you get your outfits on each photos? you look really nice!

    Thanks! Honestly, both were scrapped together from a bunch of random places. The puffy black “policewoman” vest for Amy’s kissogram outfit was just something I found at a thrift store for a few dollars, and I remember buying the Eleventh Doctor’s jacket at H&M two years back.

    amporafins said: Your Amy pond Cosplay is superb. Now all you need is some one to do eleven haha

    I already have!


    And I’ve done Femme!Eleven myself too!


    consulting-stiff-in-the-tardis said: Thank you so much for the Rose makeup tutorial!!! Thank you thank you <3

    No problem!

    If you’re interested, I also made an Amy Pond makeup tutorial and a Karen Gillan tutorial too, among others on my YouTube channel!

    (Clara is coming soon, I actually did record one, but the footage got all corrupted when I switched to a new computer, so I’ve gotta redo it :( )

    consulting-stiff-in-the-tardis said: Hello! I love your blog ;) and your Clara outfits! :) So I was wondering if you could recommend a good Rose Tyler make up tutorial


    Actually, I’ve created a Rose Tyler makeup tutorial myself!