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  • thatgeekydoc said: That is great Who cosplay right there. Have you ever thought of trying to cosplay River Song?

    Thank you! And no, actually, I haven’t! My sister has the BEST River hair though, but sadly, she isn’t a fan of the show. :P

    s-dorine said: I think I saw you at SLCC

    Nope, wasn’t me! I was at NYCC as Femme!Eleven two years ago, and I went last year to NYCC as Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo, alongside this loserface cute Tenth Doctor.

    donutjudgemig said: hello! where did you get your outfits on each photos? you look really nice!

    Thanks! Honestly, both were scrapped together from a bunch of random places. The puffy black “policewoman” vest for Amy’s kissogram outfit was just something I found at a thrift store for a few dollars, and I remember buying the Eleventh Doctor’s jacket at H&M two years back.

    drwigglez said: Your Amy pond Cosplay is superb. Now all you need is some one to do eleven haha

    I already have!


    And I’ve done Femme!Eleven myself too!


    consulting-stiff-in-the-tardis said: Thank you so much for the Rose makeup tutorial!!! Thank you thank you <3

    No problem!

    If you’re interested, I also made an Amy Pond makeup tutorial and a Karen Gillan tutorial too, among others on my YouTube channel!

    (Clara is coming soon, I actually did record one, but the footage got all corrupted when I switched to a new computer, so I’ve gotta redo it :( )

    consulting-stiff-in-the-tardis said: Hello! I love your blog ;) and your Clara outfits! :) So I was wondering if you could recommend a good Rose Tyler make up tutorial


    Actually, I’ve created a Rose Tyler makeup tutorial myself!


    Anonymous said: did you really write that clara style thing? i like it!

    I did! I do a lot of fashion bloggin’, so I love when I can merge interests like this.

    And thank you! I’m planning on writing similar guides for all stylish New Who ladies, and possibly some Classic gals if people would like that, too.


    Wanna dress like Clara Oswald?

    Of course you do, those little patterned dresses are freakin’ adorable.

    I wrote a style guide that’s perfect for cosplay or just everyday fashion inspiration, complete with links to affordable Oswald-style clothing! 

    Check out what you need to emulate Clara’s cutest looks, from Peter Pan collars to adventure-friendly ankle booties.

    Clara Oswald style and cosplay guide here!


    Meta Updates!

    So, a while back I filmed a Clara Oswald makeup tutorial, that I was really pretty proud of, too. Unfortunately, I had a hard drive disruption and ended up getting a new computer shortly after…so while the unedited video file may still be lurking in the depths of my backup folder full of whatever items I could salvage, for now, it’s missing and probably for good.

    But, I do plan on refilming it and making it even better, so look for that in the future! Definitely in time for the Series 8 premiere :)

    And in other Clara style news, for any aspiring Clara cosplayers or fans of the character’s fashion, I might have a little surprise to be posted soon…

    In honor of the 4th anniversary of Matt Smith&#8217;s first episode, here&#8217;s my Female!Eleventh Doctor cosplay from NYCC 2012!

    In honor of the 4th anniversary of Matt Smith’s first episode, here’s my Female!Eleventh Doctor cosplay from NYCC 2012!

    A little bit of Amy Pond closet cosplay from a lil while ago, aka me just messing around with how to wear my red wig >_<

    eveming said: Did you do any rose makeup tutorials?

    Yep! This is my Rose Tyler makeup tutorial.