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  • Attention all BOSTON-area WHOVIANS!:

    One of my followers on my personal blog just informed me about the Hooked On Who event that will be taking place at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge on the weekend of January 20-22nd!

    The Brattle Theatre will be screening episodes of both Classic Who and New Who at 9:30 PM each night. The schedule is as follows:

    1. Friday, January 20: THE ROBOTS OF DEATH (Featuring Tom Baker as The Doctor)
    2. Saturday, January 21: THE ANDROID INVASION (Featuring Tom Baker as The Doctor)
    3. Sunday, January 22: THE IMPOSSIBLE ASTRONAUT and DAY OF THE MOON (Featuring Matt Smith as The Doctor)

    I bought tickets for all three cause I’m crazy, and will probably attend at least two of the screenings, hopefully all three if I have the time.

    Get your tickets here while you still can! Reblog and spread the word, and even if you can’t make the actual screening, you should come to the area anyway after it’s over just to have a big Whovian meetup!

    Which nights are YOU going to?