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  • Anonymous asked: Was there anyone you were hoping would be the 12th Doctor?

    Yes, actually! Hadley Fraser :)

    Here’s my post about my Twelfth Doctor prediction/hopeful from a million years ago.


    On this blog I used to post a lot of format-style “Doctor Who Problems,” but haven’t done it in a while!

    I wanna start posting those a little more often now, so if you have any ideas for “Doctor Who Problems” yourself (little fandom/show references, like “You’re afraid to break eye contact with every angel statue,” please submit them right here and I’ll credit your Tumblr below the post if I use it!)

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    You can find Matt Smith’s and Karen Gillan’s autographs on the bathroom walls inside the TARDIS-themed bathroom at The Way Station bar in Brooklyn :)

    TARDIS bathroom door at The Way Station bar in Brooklyn!

    TARDIS bathroom door at The Way Station bar in Brooklyn!

    cuadrotorcido asked: If I can ask... where are you from? I am Spanish, I have not a perfect English and watching your videos was REALLY hard to me to iddentificate your accent...Well, I suppose you have an accent... I suppose everyone gas an accent. Just that, if you can say. thank you.. BTW, you r so pretty *-*

    Really? Huh, I’ve never really gotten that before, haha. I’m from the US, Long Island to be exact! (And thank you!)

    may-gerard-never-stop-you asked: Do you think (this is the opinion of myself and a friend of mine) that the Victorian London setting has been used way too much? And do you think Doctor Who is kind of waning? Like, eventually they will run out of ideas and lose popularity?

    I think that we’ve been seeing a lot of Victorian London because that’s where Vastra, Jenny and Strax all live and operate. So, it looks like anytime that trio is in an episode, which was more frequent than ever this last series and possibly upcoming series as well, part or all of it will take place in that setting. I mean, I personally infinitely prefer the historical settings over the generic alien space-planet future settings, so I’m cool with VicLon.

    As for the show itself “waning,” I mean, I’ll say what I think 98% of fans are thinking: Series 7 as a whole was Not Good, and Series 6 was Not Bad. For me, the pacing of Series 7 was all over the place, and the way it was split in two parts with the Ponds and then Clara made the whole thing feel even more disjointed. Series 6 had some real serious shining gems (The Girl Who Waited and The Doctor’s Wife to name a few) and although it was confusing as hell the first time viewing it, the whole Impossible Astronaut arc has really grown on me over time, once more information about it was acquired through later episodes.

    (Seriously, rewatch Series 6 sometime with all of the plot and timing knowledge of the later episodes and you’ll find it a lot more coherent, not to mention, you might notice some totally new aspects that you would have missed if you were so focused on piecing together the plot.)

    I think a regeneration, especially a regeneration into a Doctor who is supposedly nothing like the young charming rogues that Ten and Eleven could be, seems like the perfect thing to jumpstart the show. A totally different lead will literally prevent new episodes from rehashing entirely, and I’ve heard reports that Capaldi has already influenced Moffat to make script changes, which is incredible.

    I really don’t think Steven Moffat is a bad writer, far from it actually, but I do wish that someone else would take over as showrunner, or at least become a co-writer with him.

    So, short answer: The show was on a downward spiral with the last series, but a new incarnation promises a new outlook, and even if we don’t get a new head writer for a while, I personally think the regeneration is enough to see the start of something really great.


    alys-sigrun asked: So I was just watching Journey's End when: Dalek Caan, when explaining to Davros what he saw when he looked into time and we he betrayed the Daleks, says "I saw the Daleks. What we have done throughout time and space. I saw the truth of us, creator, and I decreed: No more!" NO MORE. Do you think there's anything to that parallel?

    Ahh that’s neat, I’d never caught that before! Hmm, I think it’s either a coincidence, or something that Moffat paid homage to when he wrote the 50th special. I really, sincerely, completely doubt that it was planned that that would tie into the 50th anniversary and the Time War when Journey’s End was written, though it’s almost too fitting for a coincidence.

    because-cestlavie asked: Do you think we will see Madam Vastra, Jenny and Strax again? Because I think they make a great trio. :)

    Yep! Sooner than you might think ;)

    Doctor Who Problems FAQ video!

    Includes responses to personal questions, such as who my favorite Doctors and companions are, and general fandom questions, like where to start watching the show and explanations of common plot point queries.

    lilithmonstrosity asked: This obviously isn't a problem or theory. I'm new to Doctor Who, but I have a crochet order to make all the Doctors, and I know Peter Capaldi is now the 12th Doctor, but the person who asked for this order insists that there is 13 Doctors. Am I missing something?

    You’re both right! Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor, but there is another unnumbered incarnation of the Doctor: the War Doctor, played by John Hurt. As of now, he only appears in the 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, and while he doesn’t have a number like all of the others, he’s still very much an incarnation of the Doctor.

    So if you’re crocheting something that depicts the Doctors in order, you’d find the War Doctor between number Eight and number Nine.