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  • videogameninja said: Today is dubbed international bow tie day to celebrate 4 years of Matt smith ;) I know I'm celebrating! Are you?

    I should! Sadly, all of my lil clip-on bow ties are in Boston and I am in New York, so I can’t celebrate as I’d like to, but maybe I’ll do an Eleventh Doctor GIFdump today at some point :)

    may-be-an-isolus said: Favorite video game?

    I love the BioShock series! (As if you couldn’t tell…)

    I’m also the biggest fan ever of indie titles (Bastion, Braid, Dear Esther, The Stanley Parable, etc.)

    And of course, the Nancy Drew series. (I have a couple of Nancy Drew blogs too that I don’t update very often, but this is the one that I most frequently make posts on, if anyone is interested. :)

    I’m a casual gamer cause I don’t have a console and I only own a MacBook, but I really, really, really love artsy indie flash games (anything by Daniel Benmergui, Gregory Weir, Thomas Brush, etc.) and actively follow the projects by a bunch of choice developers.

    (I have an entire tag on my personal blog for this stuff right here, hah.)

    Anonymous said: Hello, I don't want to go too school so I'm here on tumblr. (Still going to school though. D:)

    lumosinmylife said: Just thought I'd let you know that I absolutely fell in love with your Elizabeth from Bioshock makeup tutorial, and am going to use to for when I attend a ball next week! (And it doesnt hurt that my names Elisabeth, sooooo...:)) Thanks again!

    Ahhh that’s really cool to hear, I’m so happy it helped you!

    drbluesman said: Do you think the Sixth Doctor's character would have worked better if he had had a companion who was more like Donna or Amy? I was watching Timelash yesterday, and the beginning seemed like something Eleven would have done (I hate using past tense about him!)

    Hmmmm…I’ve said before that Six and Donna would be crazy fun to watch together, but I don’t think that would have been a good match for anything beyond one episode together. They’re too similar in a lot of ways, but show their abrasiveness in different styles…which still clashes and probably wouldn’t bring out the best of their respective personalities.

    Amy and Six, however, would be an awesome pairing that I hadn’t really thought about before! Amy is pretty similar to Peri (or at least as similar as they can be considering the years that Peri’s character was on the show), in other ways besides just manner of dress. :P

    Six would have brought out a different side of Amy, I think, sort of like the inverse of her relationship with Eleven. Amy always seemed to bring out the softer and sillier side of the Doctor, as well as a sentimental side when it comes to valuing the potential and innocence of children. I think with Six though, he would have been the one to make more of an impact on her character, allowing the bitterness we see in episodes like The Girl Who Waited and the stubborn tendencies in Asylum of the Daleks to be explored more.

    Five could have helped to foster Amy’s faith in the Doctor and the Peter Pan/Wendy aspect to her story, like Eleven did, but Six would have been the one to metaphorically slap her out of dreamworld and help her character to mature even more.

    By writing all of this out though, you did inadvertently show me how great a match Six and Peri were when you think about it (considering her similar nature to Amy), so that’s neat!


    crimson-elevendelightpetrichor said: So everyone makes up plotlines on Clara's grandmother, like how Clara's Amy's granddaughter which can't be possible unless she's River's daughter, right? Do you think she's the Doctor's daughter?

    I don’t think that Clara is the Doctor’s daughter and it’s been pretty much established at this point that she is not. I mean, we’ve seen her interact with her family, she has no prior memories of the Doctor other than what we’ve seen (as far as we know), she’s died several times but never regenerated…etc.

    And as far as the “Clara is Amy’s granddaughter” ridiculousness goes, I made a post showing how that legitimately cannot be possible.

    ssjlink2464 said: So logically, is capaldi the 12th doctor, or more like the the 1.1th doctor

    He is the thirteenth face, the twelfth “recognized” Doctor, fourteenth true incarnation and first in a new cycle of incarnations.

    Check out the explanation for how this is possible right here :)

    Anonymous said: I just have to say that you are absolutely gorgeous.



    Anonymous said: Hi, i was wondering if you could answer my question : I don't understand why the Doctor and River travel in opposite directions ? She has a vortex manipulator, why couldn't she keep up with the doctors adventures, instead of going the opposite way?

    I don’t think it would matter much. Imagine that River and the Doctor are facing opposite directions: she can transport herself to be totally parallel to him, aligned at the same event in time, even experiencing it side by side, but she’s still facing one way and he’s still facing the other. I think the manipulator can only really change where you are in time, not which direction it flows for you.

    Also, I’d imagine that constantly using the manipulator to keep up with someone’s events like that might have lasting consequences, either for the wearer or the section of the universe itself. (Think back to The Angels Take Manhattan, with the Doctor being unable to return to 1930s New York City because the fabric of space had been already so messed up from the angels and the TARDIS.)

    I’ve never heard a definitive answer about this though, so if anyone else has any input or other theories, I’d love to hear it!