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    New season of Doctor Who premiering Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c! Watch the teaser here

    For those outside of the US, the teaser can be seen here

    Got my NYCC Saturday pass!

    Took about an hour and ten minutes of waiting in the online queue, but finally NYCC passes have been bought.

    I’ll be there on Saturday, cosplaying as Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC! (Now, to spend the summer piecing together the outfit…)

    I’m also gonna be bringing this dude with me, who did an awesome Tenth Doctor cosplay last con, and we’ll just be wandering around the booths and panels if anyone wants to come over and say hi!

    How’s the ticket purchasing going for those of you who wanna go to New York Comic Con? Were you able to buy them yet?


    Amy Pond: time traveling assistant/burn administrator


    look at these cuties (╥_╥)

    Anonymous said: It took me a solid 5 minutes to realize that your blog has a cursor and that my internet was not broken. Respect.

    Yeah, I used to have a TARDIS cursor, but I don’t think it shows up anymore! (At the very least, not on Chrome.) So now you just get that weird little spinny wheel and it makes it look like the internet is broken. I’ve been meaning to switch it up to a new cursor that appears, maybe I’ll take care of that today.

    notgingerdoctor said: Are you going to philadelphia Comic Con? And if you do, take A PICTURE WITH KAREN, IT WOULD BE LIKE THE COOLEST THING EVER!!

    I wasn’t planning on it! I am going to New York Comic Con again though, but I’m not planning on any Doctor Who cosplays at the moment…going the video game route instead. :)

    Anonymous said: What's your favorite color?


    spookymadelynsama said: Hi, what season should I watch first of Doctor Who, I want to get into it more but I know there a a lot of seasons. :)

    I made a video that discusses this in a little more detail!

    (I really wish people would check the FAQ more often, this exact constant question was the reason why I decided to make the video in the first place!)

    But for now:

    If you truly want to understand the show as a whole and not have any questions later, start with the Ninth Doctor and Series 1 (Episode: “Rose”)

    If you really just want to get caught up as soon as possible before the show starts airing again in August, with the understanding that you can go back to the beginning (Series 1) at a later date, start with the Eleventh Doctor and Series 5 (Episode: “The Eleventh Hour”)

    Personally, I started watching the show when it was almost midway through Series 6. My best friend introduced me to the show with The Eleventh Hour because she thought that this way I could get caught up quicker to what was currently airing if I ended up liking the show, and I could always catch up on previous seasons during a hiatus.

    So if you think you can fit 7 seasons into the next month and a half (cue the laughter from Tumblr from even suggesting that that may not be doable/preferable for some people, even though that could very well be the case for a multitude of reasons!), I’d say to start with Series 1. Actually watching Doctors Nine and Ten add a lot of weight to the character as we currently know him, and some of that development will either be lost or somewhat out of place if you catch up later. (Not super detrimental, just awkward with the timing and retrospect.)

    But, if noticeably low production values are the kind of thing that can honestly turn you off to a show, or you’d just like to get caught up quicker to the characters and plot points that people are currently discussing, there’s really no harm at all in starting with the Eleventh Doctor and catching up on the rest at your convenience. (That’s what I did, and I have no regrets or complaints about it!)

    atlantis-bbc said: Hey I was just wondering if u knew the exact date for when the new series would start as I love doctor who sooo much and I really want to see the new series

    As of this moment, the only released info is that Series 8 begins airing this August!