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  • All of these messages about The Day of the Doctor, the 50th Anniversary Special, got me wondering…have you guys all seen The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot?

    Because as much as I really did enjoy The Day of the Doctor…this 30 minute special written by Peter Davison starring Doctors 5, 6 and 7 and featuring everyone (and I mean, everyone) is kind of exactly the sort of 50th Anniversary Special I really wanted.

    The plot is such: Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy are all eagerly awaiting their phone calls asking them to partake in the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who…but quickly realize those phone calls aren’t coming. After they decide that the world doesn’t care about the Classic Doctors anymore, they decide to join together and find a way to crash the 50th Anniversary Special, somehow involving some of the most memorable people from Doctor Who as the shenanigans ensue

    It’s hilarious, it’s adorable, it’s incredible, and it’s worth every second of your time. WATCH IT. PLEASE.

    (…And did I mention it really does feature freakin’ everyone??? all playing themselves???)


    • Peter Davison
    • Colin Baker
    • Sylvester McCoy
    • Paul McGann
    • Matt Smith
    • David Tennant
    • Jenna Coleman
    • John Barrowman
    • Steven Moffat
    • Russell T. Davies
    • Georgia Tennant
    • Sean Pertwee
    • Olivia Colman
    • Louise Jameson
    • Carole Ann Ford
    • Katy Manning
    • Lalla Ward
    • Sophie Aldred
    • Peter Jackson
    • I seriously mean EVERYONE IS IN THIS, IAN MCKELLEN is in this, AS GANDALF.


    Anonymous said: D u have Matt smith displaying disgust


    somewhat-evil said: I think with Clara we got just enough of what we needed to know to like the character. I hope in Series 8 we get more exploration of the character, since the The Impossible Girl arc is out of the way.

    Couldn’t agree more!

    And now, here’s David Tennant displaying disgust.

    scandals-from-last-night said: After seeing your recent post, what are your feelings towards Clara? Do you think she was handled well last season and do you hope her development will improve with Capaldi?

    As much as it pains me to say it, I felt Clara wasn’t very developed last season (save for The Rings of Akhaten, which explored her past, and The Name of the Doctor revealed her role as a pretty plot device who was born to save the Doctor.)

    absolutely think her development will improve with Capaldi, because the scenes she had in Series 7 that showcased her budding personality were really charming, and although we don’t have much backstory (or currentstory, really) on who she is, I’m excited to see more based on the moments we do have.

    The fact that a fellow teacher at her workplace has been cast is a really good sign that we’ll be getting more of a picture of Clara’s life outside of the TARDIS, and I do find it pretty refreshing that she really doesn’t live in the TARDIS like most of the other companions have done: she lives her life on Earth, and will tag along for an adventure when it suits her.

    I think Clara’s characterization in Series 7 was a necessary evil; we needed all of that “Impossible Girl” mystery stuff to carry out the rest of the Series, but now that her purpose has been established and the Doctor has just gone through a major character arc, I think it’s time the spotlight will be turned over to his companion. 

    gigglebug said: hi! I just wanted to say that I'm impressed with how you handle people's questions and things with civility lol there's a lot of Who sites that I go to that're just a mess cos everyone's just insulting everyone and everything. but you have such grace about it and I'm just impressed haha. thank you :)

    Hahaha thanks very much! I try to be as diplomatic as possible with most things, unless I’m asked a specific and personal opinion. Even then though, I like to promote the idea that people should respects the likes and dislikes and preferences of other fans. Just cause someone’s fave is your least fave doesn’t mean they or their opinions are wrong or stupid.

    amuletofambition said: "closest thing to an independent Doctor Who movie" - as opposed to the 8th Doctor’s actual [straight to TV] movie?

    …Have you seen the TV movie?

    I absolutely adore Paul McGann’s performance, but aside from the Eighth Doctor himself and that steampunked-out TARDIS, that movie was a disaster. I was working on a video review of it actually a while back, but I put it on hold indefinitely cause the video editing was getting annoying.

    (But, I did write out all of my snarky comments and such, so maybe I’ll just do a GIF and screencap review if/when I have the time…after writing this post, I really think I might just do that sometimes in the near future.)

    The movie is cheesy, awkward and altogether just low-budget in the worst way: these aren’t charming bubble-wrap aliens of years past with sly self-referential one-liners. It’s not the “good” kind of corny that Classic Who can bring, and it’s not the kind of silly that New Who offers at times.

    Everything about it (again, with the exception of Mr. McGann, who has one of the strongest portrayals of the Doctor) is just half-assed and uncomfortable, filled with weird sexual innuendo and moments where you’re not sure if you should laugh, cringe, or actually try to take it somewhat seriously. The companions are forgettable, the Master is the alien embodiment of secondhand embarrassment, and the Doctor is now “half-human, on his mother’s side.”

    Everyone in the cast is an American with the exception of the Doctor, and the idea that we’re in America (for no actual reason, other than this being a project commissioned by Fox Network in the US) is hammered in with unnecessary references like the Eighth Doctor contemplating a Richard Nixon mask as a possible post-regenerative costume.



    I remain firm on this, but obviously, it’s just a preference thing: when it comes to the general quality of the script, budget, and actors, The Day of the Doctor really is the closest thing to a legitimate movie that the fandom has.

    fafana20 said: You forget “The Name of the Doctor”. It’s a trilogy.

    Technically yes, but just as long as you’re aware of the existence of a “lost” incarnation that the Doctor is ashamed of, and the existence of the Trenzalore prophecy in general, you can still watch the special and understand the bulk of it.

    Honestly, if someone is on Tumblr regularly, I sort of assume at this point that they would know about the War Doctor, just considering the sheer amount of gifs and text and things floating around about him.

    But yes, if you don’t know about the War Doctor or the Trenzalore prophecy, you’d still probably enjoy several aspects of the special, but the full story wouldn’t really be gleaned.

    Anonymous said: I just finished dinosaurs on a spaceship....when am I supposed to watch day of the doctor?

    You could watch it at any time! The episode really is removed from all other plot arcs and continuations occurring during the series, cause it was created as a standalone anniversary special. The closest thing we have to an independent Doctor Who movie, really.

    Just as long as you know that Clara is the Doctor’s companion and the Ponds are gone by this point, you should be able to understand everything without any immediate spoilers. The episode deals with the Time War, that’s all you need to know.

    Anonymous said: Congrats on graduating!! What school did you go to?

    Thank you! I still can’t believe it’s all really over…

    I went to Emerson College in Boston!