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  • I think what I liked most about Listen was that it showcased what I consider to be Moffat’s greatest strength as a writer: creating a really cool plot twist that doesn’t just not ignore or contradict character development, it enhances it and plays off it beautifully.

    I wrote last week or so about Clara seems to finally be coming into her own as a character, and I think Listen solidified that even more. She’s got a lot more in common with the Doctor than I think she’d like to acknowledge, such as her automatic thought-to-speech way of immediately voicing her opinion without considering how it might affect others, like at dinner with Danny.

    The difference between Twelve and Clara of course is that she’s much more likely to apologize or try to explain her actions, and this makes sense with the rest of her character.

    (I like Danny Pink the more I see of him, and I’m very glad that it seems like we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. I wouldn’t exactly call him a fun character, at least not now anyway, but I do find him interesting.)

    Some Thoughts on the Development of Clara Oswald

    We’re really beginning to see just what Clara’s role is and the meaning of her relationship to the Doctor. For me, she just wasn’t a very good fit as a companion for Eleven: they were too similar, and didn’t have much to teach each other.

    In that way, I can see how she would have developed feelings for him (and vice versa, within reason) and they certainly enjoyed each other’s company, but if they had traveled together for a full series and beyond, I don’t think either of them could have learned much from each other.

    For most of Series 7, save for the few scraps of development in The Rings of Akhaten, Clara is a pretty plot device. She was “born to save the Doctor,” and ripped herself into a million little pieces to do so. But when only a page or two of your story has been already written, how can you afford to clump together the scant sentence fragments that remained in this dimension and call it a character? 

    Clara was a template of a companion who was as sweet and pretty as a store-bought biscuit, with the complexity and blandness to match. The latest model of a smirk in a skirt whose superimposed image alongside the Doctors of the past just seemed…unearned.

    This is who has been there from the very beginning? This is who convinced him to steal the TARDIS? 

    But now, finally, we’re beginning to know who Clara is, and know her as someone empathetic yet stern, with an aching curiosity and an unwavering confidence.

    While I still think the time stream hopping was a weird and honestly unnecessary plot point, no matter who did the deed, perhaps the choice of Clara Oswald leaping into the vortex could be deserved after all: just not that early on in the character’s development.

    Clara and Twelve work marvelously together, and I’ve found myself genuinely captivated when they’re on screen together. The strongest individual scenes of every episode thus far have been the little conversations they share together, whether they’re silly, serious or sentimental.

    They remind me of a gender-swapped Seven and Ace: this time around, Twelve is the hot head and Clara is the “Professor.” It’s a companion pairing we haven’t seen before in New Who, and it’s the first time in a while that we’ve seen the Doctor and a companion truly learning from each other and growing together.

    She may think she was born to save the Doctor, but it’s truly the Doctor who seems born to save her characterization.

    Anonymous said: Robots of Sherwood is my least favorite episode of the season so far, but it was okay. I think it's best viewed as sort of a throwback to the Old Who fun and campiness what with the gold plates reflecting the robots lasers and an arrow hitting and helping to blow up a spaceship.

    I liked it a lot! Might have even liked it better than Deep Breath, to be honest. The Doctor’s bickering and bantering (no bantering!) with Robin Hood is a silliness I can appreciate a lot more than him running around wild-eyed in a nightgown, and Clara is just becoming increasingly likable and more original as a character as the episodes go on.

    It was definitely a throwback to Classic Who, and reminded me in particular of one of my favorite classic episodes of all time, a Tom Baker serial called The Robots of Death, (what a title), mostly because of the monster design:



    (If you haven’t seen that episode, it’s a fun one, right down to the Doctor and Leela struggling against wrist “shackles” that appear to be duct tape covered in tin foil that crinkle when they move. Also, this.)

    The arrow hitting the spaceship at the end was hilarious, like a medieval Star Wars parody with that one tiny little vulnerable spot, and I’m glad that the episode went full-on cheese there. I also thought the whole thing with Robin Hood considering that he may not be real was something surprisingly sad, and I liked it.

    I also love that Twelve’s arc is shaping up to be a sort of man vs. faith kind of thing, where he has this need to be definitively correct without regard or compassion for others. This was dealt with in a darker way in the second episode, and even a little in the first episode too, but this episode proved that you can have a ton of fun cheesiness but still include some meaningful development.

    Think more “Closing Time,” and less “Love and Monsters.”


"Surprising. I expected the cage." “If you’re going to be a sore loser than I shan’t do this again.”

Look what came today for NYCC :)


    "Surprising. I expected the cage."
    “If you’re going to be a sore loser than I shan’t do this again.”

    Look what came today for NYCC :)

    So, what’d we think of The Robots of Sherwood?

    I’ve heard mixed opinions, so have at it!

    I need cosplay suggestions! Help?

    I’m going to NYCC in the fall, and I’m going with a press pass, which means I’ll be there at least more than one day.

    I’m currently planning on cosplaying as Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC, and I’m really really really excited about that!

    But if I’m going to attend 2-3 other days at the con, I was thinking about pulling together some other easy-to-cosplay options to switch things up a little. So, nothing that requires copious amounts of sewing and modding and difficult props or wigs, but something that still looks like a cosplay.

    (Like, going as Clara Oswald is a little too safe/nondescript for my tastes, but it’s a possibility.)

    (This is what my face/body/hair/etc. looks like)

    So yeah! If anyone feels like helping, that would be much appreciated!

    (And feel free to suggest a character from any fandom/movie/game/book/whatever!)

    Doctor Who 8x03 “Robots of Sherwood”
    Sneak Peek 

    subtle little bird flip there oh my god i love this doctor

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